What is a Tailor Made Program?

 Too often do we hear of massive disorganized fitness camps or classes that charge cheap but produce a pile of rubbish in terms of quality. These classes have made their way to the summit of the fitness industry and this often is becoming the new method to train clientele. We rarely hear about tailor made exercise programs. Now, we can agree that some physical  activity is better than no activity but there is NOT ONE pre-formatted program that will meet everyone’s unique needs.

A 100% Tailor Made Program from a true health and fitness professional is the only acceptable path forward.


Group classes go against every good trainers core belief system, mainly because they know that the goals of these classes aren’t geared towards the client but are centered around monetary reasons. Now, there is a counter to this phony way of training. That counter is tailor made exercise programs.


Now, when you hear the word “tailor” you probably think of a suit tailor.

Well,  same concept but applied to a different field. The work and calculations a tailor puts toward creating a suit made specifically for a person’s body type is what a tailor made fitness program is. We at Ramsden Elite Fitness, take pride in our work because we calculate every variable and factor into creating a nutrition and workout plan from scratch designed for a specific client. We aren’t “customized” either. Let’s make apparent the distinct difference between “tailor” and the misused term “customized”.


Tailor made isn’t a pre-made plan we hand out to every client.

Tailor Made is literally made from scratch and takes days to map out this fitness journey to fulfill the client’s goals. It is a process with a science based foundation that produces results. We take pride in what we do here at R.E.F. because we have principles and aren’t undulating with the tides of the current fitness industry standards. Like a suit tailor taking pride in his work we too shall take pride in your fitness results because your results speaks volumes about the quality of our crafted “tailor made” programs. 


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Online “experts” or “gurus” who promise customized workouts are not creating tailor made programs for you the client!

These individuals sit behind a computer with 4-6 pre drawn workout programs and simply email one to you after you complete their website survey. You are better off finding a free workout program online since it is virtually the same thing.


Because they have profits as their number one priority.

Working 1 on 1 with clients is just not the moneymaker that working with 15-30 individuals at one time is. A lot of fitness companies are attracted to the industry because it is a billion dollar one. The modern fitness studio or bootcamp share the same commonalities among one another.

  1. Buffet Menu of classes
  2. Sells Multi-Level Marketing Supplements (aka overpriced + below average quality)
  3. Touts that fitness needs to be fun and entertaining
  4. Does not deliver results for majority of clients
  5. Client turnover is about 3-6 months
  6. Cheap classes ($10-$15 a class)


We really wish more companies would jump on board with Tailor Made exercise programs. There is no greater value than receiving 100% of the attention of a health and fitness professional.

Health is no joke. Ponder ending your group fitness contract (and the 10% attention you receive) and find a company that values you for more than $10.

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