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Mission: “We are passionately here to empower the individual to achieve a life full of vitality through health and fitness”
Vision: “Liberating the individual to thrive in their health and well-being”







My background is both based in education and experience. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Wellness with a minor in Fitness. Our clients see REAL RESULTS because we base our advice and workouts upon research…….not “fads” or “miracle pills”. We take great pride in promoting what we call “scientific reality”.

I started my fitness journey as a scrawny boy weighting 145lbs. I frequently move up and down in weight, so I know how to accomplish BOTH muscle gain and fat loss. I am my body’s own test subject and wish to pass on what I have learned to my clients… get them REAL RESULTS.  The majority of the fitness industry is uneducated and/or selfish and are not looking out for the individual’s best interest. I promise here at RAMSDEN ELITE FITNESS, that your fitness goals come FIRST AND FOREMOST. Each fitness program is 100% customized and crafted from scratch to meet the needs of the individual.


-No more “cookie cutter” workouts

-No more poor nutrition advice

-No more injuries resulting from a bad personal trainer

-No more neglect. You deserve my full attention and should receive nothing but the best.

-No more low value for high dollar costs.


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I graduated from Waynesburg University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science on the Wellness and Physiology track.  While being at Waynesburg I also played basketball.  Sports and fitness has always sparked my interest from an early age.  In high school I played basketball, volleyball, and ran track. In basketball I scored over 1000 points and in track I went to state 3 of my 4 years in more than one event.  After succeeding in these areas I decided that I wanted to stay in the field of sports and fitness for my career  I have always had a competitive nature and that has propelled me to find out ways in which I would be above my competition.  I spend countless hours in the weight room, basketball court, and track making myself a better athlete.  I was never satisfied with my current status and always thought I could better myself.  That mentality has placed me where I am today.  Doing what I love everyday as a job and helping other people find the same passion that I have for fitness and helping them reach their fitness goals.


I knew that I had picked the right field of interest when I actually enjoyed my classes in college and did extra research to learn even more.  The ever changing world of fitness is hard to keep up with in term of new techniques and supplementation.  Also in college I had an internship at a Pro Performance facility that made me even more excited to begin my career.  I learned different methods and also got to train athletes who were in many stages of life.  Some were trying out to become a professional player, some were bodybuilders, while others were just kids who are learning fundamentals.  This internship also gave me the confidence to train because one of my trainers let me take over the workout on more than one occasion.  Throughout the years I also worked at many basketball skills camps teaching fundamentals, speed, and agility.  In college, I was asked to make the women’s basketball strength and conditioning program as well.


Many people told me that even though I had a high GPA in college, I would never find a job in my field.  I always told them that with hard work, dedication, and prayer I would find a job that is right for me and my abilities.  I believe that I have found that sense of accomplishment with Ramsden Elite Fitness.  In the upcoming months I plan to study to take my CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist) exam and after that work on obtaining my masters degree online.  I want to make sure that I never quit learning for the clients and my own sake.  It is truly a pleasure to love my job and clients.  Everyone has been awesome and I look forward to keep the business growing.

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