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Mission: “We are passionately here to empower the individual to achieve a life full of vitality through health and fitness”
Vision: “Liberating the individual to thrive in their health and well-being”








My background is both based in education and experience. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh in Wellness (Exercise Science) with a minor in Fitness. Our clients see REAL RESULTS because we base our advice and workouts upon research…….not “fads” or “miracle pills”. We take great pride in promoting what we call “scientific reality”.

The majority of the fitness industry is uneducated and/or selfish and are not looking out for the individual’s best interest. I promise here at RAMSDEN ELITE FITNESS, that your fitness goals come FIRST AND FOREMOST. Each fitness program is 100% tailor-made, hand crafted from scratch to meet the needs of the individual.


-No more “cookie cutter” workouts

-No more poor nutrition advice

-No more injuries resulting from a bad personal trainer

-No more neglect. You deserve our full attention and should receive nothing but the best.

-No more low value for high dollar costs.


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