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Mental Fitness


Ramsden Elite Fitness offers Mental Fitness Training to anyone anywhere in the world! The same way that you cannot separate exercise and nutrition, you cannot separate physical and mental fitness. Both need to be strong in order for the body to thrive. Think of mental fitness like weight lifting for your mindset, happiness, and productivity.


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What do we do?

Strengthen Your Mindset – We believe a strong mindset consists of self-awareness, optimism, and happiness. We will work towards these generic attributes while accounting for your unique needs.



Is this like therapy or a psychiatrist?

HELL NO – We understand the social stigma that is involved with admitting you are going to therapy. If you are in need of a proper clinic therapist or psychiatrist we definitely recommend you go to see one. However….we believe the majority of individuals needs an alternative to therapy. Therapy is not practical or productive enough to induce real change for the general population. We view our role to be a lot more proactive and revolve our sessions around problem solving instead of venting or complaining.



Can businesses, teams, or organizations do this as a group?

Yes, submit a contact form – Our Mental Fitness service can optimize teamwork, communications, problem solving, and the implementation of change within a team, workforce, or club. Submit a message to learn more.



How will you learn about us and decide what we need?

Collection + Listening – We will have all clients fill out an entry questionnaire that will create a 10+ page pdf report on how you best communicate and what motivates you. Next we will listen to you…..ACTUALLY LISTEN. We want to partner with you to create a road-map towards success. Lastly, we are non-judgmental. We will deploy the attribute of understanding, and not enter sessions with preconceived notions of you. We are on the same team, we are not here to tear you down or judge you for feeling a specific way.



How can we gain a stronger mindset?

Induce Change – This is the biggest factor that will separate Ramsden Elite Fitness from the traditional psychology and therapy industry. We will create infrastructure and a system which revolves around you. You will not simply vent your frustrations on a couch staring at the roof nor will you pay $225 an hour with limited outside support. We will game-plan, problem solve, and take action. This will evolve your mindset much faster than what it currently being offered by therapy or psychology.


What if working the plan is tough?

It will be – We won’t lie to you. This is not easy nor will it ever be easy. Life hits hard, we need to hit harder. We will inspire, empower, and motivate you to stick to the game-plan and continue to develop your mindset for the long term. 




Ramsden Elite Fitness utilizes a membership model instead of a “pay per session model”.  Our Mental Fitness service will consist of two phases:


PHASE 1: On-boarding

Personality Questionnaire + Development of Scorecard + Initial Sixty (60) Minute Session = $156 one time fee


PHASE 2: Tailor-Made Membership

Management of Scorecard System + 24/7 Support + Weekly Sessions

Price will vary depending upon individual but will typically range from $46 – $174 per paycheck (bi-weekly payment)