Ramsden Elite Fitness 

    100 % Tailor – Made Fitness and Nutrition

Ramsden Elite Fitness offers In Home Personal Training Business  for the Pittsburgh Metro Area. In Home Personal Training is a service in which our elite staff of college educated personal trainers will travel to your home (or place of work) and bring all equipment necessarily to give you a great workout at your convenience. That’s right, we do all the traveling so that you do not have to!

in home personal training pittsburgh



What do we do?

100% Unparalleled Customization – We craft a complete workout regimen completely from scratch for each individual. You are more than just a number to us and your needs will be accounted for.



What about nutrition?

Nutrition + Supplement Attack Plan – We offer nutrition advice to those who need help with a fat loss diet or even for those who struggle to gain weight. We track your diet and will slowly implement changes instead of doing a complete overhaul. Supplements are NOT NECESSARY…..but we will recommend upon request or if the client is seeking to maximize results.



Do I have to train with a Personal Trainer everyday?

“Off Day” Workouts – Each client will receive guidance and instruction on how to workout on their own, so that even if we do not have a session scheduled for that day… can still workout and enhance your results. They will be quick, fast, and safe and will send your results through the roof.



How will I know I am making progress?

Progress Assessments – What is the point of working out if you cannot see progress? We seek to measure results NOT just through body weight. But overall “well being”, “belt notches”, fitting of clothes, and energy.



OK but everyone seems to be a Certified Personal Trainer. Why is your team different?

College Educated Staff All personal trainers who work with our valued clients has earned a college degree related to exercise. Why go to a gym that does not take your health seriously? Every single personal trainer is highly qualified and will give you the full attention you deserve.




Ramsden Elite Fitness utilizes a membership model instead of a “pay per session model”. We do so much for our clientele in between sessions that we are able to cut down the cost so that clients do not need to train 4x per week with a trainer and spend over $700 a month!


All of the above features, plus One (1) Sixty Minute In Home Personal Training session per week starts at   $174 per paycheck (bi-weekly).