In Home Personal Training Pittsburgh

Operation: In Home Personal Training Pittsburgh


Or so I like to call it. Ramsden Elite Fitness is leading the charge with an alternative form of personal training in Pittsburgh


Personal Training at big chain gyms has become a circus. Studios and boutiques are electing for group classes. Where is someone to go who wants 1 on 1 private and customized fitness? Where is someone to go if they want the full attention of a fitness professional? Where is someone to go if they struggle to set time aside for exercise?


In Home Personal Training by Ramsden Elite Fitness.


in home personal training pittsburgh


















We craft workout regimens completely from scratch for each individual. You are not just a number in a group fitness class to us. We view ourselves as part of your inner healthcare circle – very much like you view your PCP, Dentist, Optometrist, etc












One workout for fifteen people cannot produce the same results for each individual. That workout will be too hard for some and too easy for others. Forget about doing things in one massive group. You wouldn’t go to your doctors office and be examined along side 5 other patients would you? Don’t do it with your fitness either!






Can you think of a more private location to workout than your own home?


Many overweight individuals are too shy and/or embarrassed to walk into a class of 20 people and just start working out. Public perception should not be a deterrent for someone who is looking to make a positive change in their life.


Work with a fitness professional who understands your needs and can help to accomplish your goals all from the comforts of your home or apartment with In Home Personal Training.





Ramsden Elite Fitness serves clients that live within about a one hour radius of Pittsburgh, PA


We have clients in virtually any suburb surrounding town and work to make your exercise routine fit your busy lifestyle. In Home Personal Training Pittsburgh is more than just a tagline or a motto. It is what we do. It is our mission to deliver personalized fitness to your doorstep.





In Home Personal Training Pittsburgh














There is not a more optimal way to achieve your fitness goals than to work 1 on 1 with a professional. We hire only the best and demand a college degree in a fitness related field from every single employee. This is our way to ensure our trainers have a baseline of knowledge to deal with most ailments that are commonly seen.


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Even if you are just interested in more information about our service, I would encourage you to take the leap and reach out. Every potential client is entitled to a FREE IN PERSON CONSULTATION, where we are able to further learn more about each other.


We are all about “win-win” scenarios. We want to make great matches with great people.




3 thoughts on “In Home Personal Training Pittsburgh”

  • Personal training is definitely very convenient, especially when you can do it in your own home. Also, having a personal trainer helps you achieve your goals with an individualized approach. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for commenting! There is a shift going on and people will start taking personal fitness and well being to the next level. Why share the attention of a true fitness professional among 20 class participants? Get your own trusted fitness professional instead. Let us sit in the traffic for you!!!!!


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