HealthForce 045 – How to Properly Weigh In and Track Results

How often does the scale upset and disappoint you? Many people live their lives for the number on the scale. Their “good and bad days” depend upon the number. We think that weight is the only thing that matters in the world when we weigh in.

I have good news. Once you listen to this podcast, you’ll learn the proper and effective way to track your results.

Forget about the short term results that scam artists and “internet experts” promise you. Learn to track long term results and experience REAL success.

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2 thoughts on “HealthForce 045 – How to Properly Weigh In and Track Results”

  • Excellent episode! I’m headed to episode 35 next as my diet is awful.

    I’ll be getting some tape measure but couldn’t go a week without the scale. That # increasing successfully scares me into the gym when i don’t want to go.

    • Thank you for commenting and sharing your insight Greg. Episode 35 is one of the most applicable episodes we have ever done. Feel free to ask us questions if you need more clarification on the process of forming the best diet ever! ^^ – Fran

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