Ramsden Elite Fitness believes in the power of relationships. No two individuals are exactly the same. We create all programming from scratch.


In-Home Personal Training

Our high end professional service where we bring the workouts straight to your home. Skip commuting to the gym and allow us to be the ones to sit in traffic! No home gym or equipment required.

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Not located in the Pittsburgh region? Perhaps you are a real go-getter and could use the perfect program. eCoaching provides custom exercise regimen, custom nutrition plan, and 24/7 support and access to your personal trainer.

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REF Fitness Station

Our physical location is located in Wexford, PA. This personal training location specializes in Strength and Conditioning and Athlete Training Programs. We work 1 on 1 with the athlete to diagnose inefficiencies and create a plan for optimization.

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College Educated Staff

All Fitness Professionals employed by REF have completed at minimum a Bachelor's Degree in an exercise related field. Risking client safety due to a lack of knowledge is flat out dangerous. Most trainers only possess a certification - some of which can be acquired within one weekend.


About Us

Ramsden Elite Fitness arose from a need to bring value back to the client. For too long, the fitness industry has failed to help liberate individuals from their health and fitness barriers. Most focus on profits. We focus on results.


Latest Research

Our latest articles, videos, and podcasts.

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HealthForce 062 – Green Smoothies

How healthy are green smoothies? Are they better than a multi-vitamin for providing the body with nutrients? In this episode we listen to several pieces of audio touting the benefits of green smoothies. Furthermore we get into top 10 lists of the benefits. Finally, as always, we wrap up with my opinion on the subject […]

perception of health

HealthForce Memo Ep 003 – The Perception of Health

The perception of health is one of the most common mindsets we are experiencing today. More people are interested in pretending to be healthy than actually being healthy. More people want to brag about their trainer than actually working hard with their trainer. We need to move to a place where our actions back up […]