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workout when sick

HealthForce 079 – Should You Workout If You Are Sick?

Working out when you are sick? Cool story….we answer this question on today’s episode of the HealthForce podcast. Turns out, there’s a large range of illness, so depending upon the type of “sick” that you are…..could dictate whether exercise would help or harm you. We wrap up with supplementation that can boost the immune system! […]

mental fitness

HealthForce Memo Ep 039 – Don’t Knee-Jerk At The Word “Mental”

I wanted to get ahead of something before it becomes a grossly misunderstood. The word “mental” in Mental Fitness should not cause a negative knee-jerk reaction in yourself. If it does… are thinking traditionally about the word. Don’t make the mistake of writing off Mental Fitness because you think it is some form of Clinical […]